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Moving Forward

NVP Intelligence Craft began from panel lamination, passed through machinery visualization and movement control to the digital monitoring period of the industry 4.0, which takes seriously the spirit of creation and development. It provides the customer with more advanced and intelligent automized production line equipment. Furthermore, its solid performance has made it an equipment expert in the field of intelligent automation and pushes it to constantly move forward.


Established in 2009, the company’s main equipment has been super accurate intelligent touch panel lamination machinery with narrow frames and in various sizes.  It provides the touch panel industry with the supply chain of full automatic lamination equipment.​


In 2011, the Mechanical Vision Department was established to provide an automatic system for quality inspection, as well as automatic optical detecting equipment. That same year, to the company introduced the mechanical arm for the fabrication of highly flexible automatic equipment. Mechanical vision was integrated with the mechanical arm to improve the areas of mechanical arm application.


In 2013, the company completed its overall plant plan for an automatic production line with its main service industry in automatic optical measurement and defect detection for FTT-LCD, touch panel, IC, precision plastic, LED, PCB, and precision processing components.


In 2014, it independently developed an axial module for four axials control, as well as an I/O module, and completed its first customized axial module for motor control.  That same year, a M2M (machine to machine) R&D team was established to create an online communication platform for machinery.


In 2015, the company introduced its digital intelligent control system for overall plant monitoring by using big data to help customers find the products with the best production efficiency, most ideal profit, and highest quality. This helps customers to fully upgrade their intelligent plants. That same year, it completed its first lot of self-made four-axial mechanical arms.

Organization Chart

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