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Automated Optical Inspection

This is the brain and eye of machinery. During production, it assists in the improvement of production quality and accuracy and ensure product delivery. It has a stable quality, which can improve an enterprise’s image and further reduce a company’s dependence on manpower.

Single Console

NVP can also provide a plant with a non-automatic production line that requires vision detection. It specifically developed the single machine for various kinds of detection systems to assist small and medium-sized plants to make use of mechanical vision and elevate the yield of quality management.

Carrier for Automatic Detection Systems

Fine defects from a production carrier are difficult to see with the naked eyes, so ensuring quality execution is very difficult and can result in more customer complaints. The eyes of Erlangshen are unable to accurately detect such problems as defects of bad forming, broken holes, raw edges, gaps, etc. Its accuracy can reach 99.9% through actual machinery testing. 

Plug-in & Trademark Detection Machine 

This system is specially designed for mobile phone assembly lines. It is directly installed on the line, which can automatically detect defects on the mobile phone shell, from the logo and bad printing to missing plug-in parts on the mobile phone shell, etc.   

2.5D Automatic Measurement System

The current market has a lot of incompetent so-called automatic measuring systems. In reality, it needs people to click a mouse to detect the measuring articles for the so-called measurement. Velco-2.5 Raptor automatic measurement system can automatically search for the measuring articles by only clicking a key and automatically complete the measurement while searching for defects.

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