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Intel-auto Line

Intelligent Automation Upgrading

With regard to various kinds of automatic equipment and automatic production line designs from NVP, it added M2M (machine to machine) to equipment so that the equipment would not only be automatic but also upgraded to the automatic equipment with intelligence so that the equipment could quickly cooperate with the customers’ needs and maximize efficiency to get more customized urgent orders with a lower/higher volume.

Automation vs. Intelligent Automation

NVP Intelligent Craft provides plants with integrated service of intelligent automation by using three intelligent systems and two machines.Using the intelligent plant as its main plan, it coordinates with data intelligent control for the digital monitoring of the whole process of the intelligent production line. The production line uses the system’s mechanical arm and vision machine to improve and elevate their efficiency and yield.In addition to providing an integration plan for plant construction, we focus on customers’ demands for an existing upgrading scheme for their automatic equipment’s intelligent automation, as well as the customized part system.

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