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Press Release

NVP Formal Launching of the MVP Self-branded Robot Arm

February  2016

In The four-axial mechanical arm independently designed and developed by NVP Intelligent Craft is dedicated to automatic production line customers and possessing more economical functions. The mechanical arm’s functions are in line with the customized arm series of European and Japanese brands, which provides customers with more options for NVP mechanical arms, starting from its formal launch on March 10. Products are currently being exhibited in the head office in Taizhong. We welcome your enquiries from anyone who is interested.

NVP Developing Pangtong Data Intelligent Control System​

February  2016

In order to speed up industrial upgrading and be internationally competitive, NVP specially developed its Pangtong Data Intelligent Control System aimed at various kinds of online process monitoring in the production line, such as raw material data, machinery maintenance, production analysis, quality management efficiency, etc. It is integrated into the automatic production line for the convenience of monitoring each of its processes, which can improve production capacity and yield, creating success and progress toward the overall Industry 4.0. We welcome your enquiries about the Pangtong Data Intelligent Control System to get more details by dialing 04-2451 2300.  

Relocation of NVP

February  2016

NVP Intelligent Craft will officially move its head office to B2, Floor 13, No. 658, Section 3, Taiwan Avenue, Xitun District, Taizhong City 407 on March 1. Its telephone number will be 04-2451 2300, and its fax number will be 04-2451 1665. Its brand new office is equipped with the mechanical arms in the display area so that customers can conveniently visit and see them. Our company will provide constant customer service in the cultural spirit of determination and enthusiasm. We would like to thank both old and new customers for your patronage and acknowledgement.

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